Ten km north Marone there is Pisogne well known for its “S. Maria della Neve’s” church with frescoes by Romanino and called the “Sistina poor’s chapel”. The archaeological area of Capo di Ponte is easy to reach from Marone, universelty known as the largest concentration of prehistoric graffiti on rocks in Europe (10.000 BC) and counted among the earthly goods of universal interest by the UNESCO.
From Marone, situated at the base of mount Guglielmo and the Corna dei Trentapassi, you can reach Zone where many excursions to nearby mountains begin, through unusual countryside, to discover the eroded pyramids up to 30 m high, thin peaks of earth surmounted by granite boulders. Near Marone you find also a picturesque village,Vello, from which a panoramic, pedestrian/cycling route along the lake leads up to Pisogne.

Of all the lovely itineraries, Monte Isola, the largest european lake island, must be remembered. At 600 mts on the top of the island there is the Madonna della Ceriola church, from where it is possible enjoy one of the most beautiful views of the lake. On the north and on the south of the island two small isles of Loreto and S. Paolo can be seen.
From Provaglio d’Iseo across the vines we come to the San Pietro in Lamosa Monastery in Romanesque style (open for visits to the public on Saturday and Sunday afternoons). Nearby the Torbiere (marsh land) acknowledged as a natural reserve: you can walk over little bridges or by bike on the tarmac roads. Then in Franciacorta famous for its wines its beautiful villas.